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Welcome to the DWP Blog. The Drew Writing Project, founded in 2018, is a site of the National Writing Project. We are a thriving writing community that offers professional development programming through school partnerships as well as on-campus events at Drew University.

Our Teacher Consultants are interested in collaboration and connection. In an effort to improve instruction and inspiration in K-12 schools, #DrewTEACH’s network of teachers attend professional development sessions, connect via social media (and socially!), and share their best practices in teaching. Our Blog is just another way for us to connect with teachers and to share!

Here’s what writers need to know about submitting articles to the publication. 

  • Our readers are open-minded, challenge accepting-collaborators and life-long learners.
  • Our readers share their expertise, insights, and knowledge with a like-minded audience, helping others learn and grow.
  • Our readers know that successfully publishing your work and receiving positive feedback can boost your confidence as a writer. It’s satisfying to see your writing appreciated by others.
  • Your submission may challenge readers to research, think critically, and communicate effectively, all of which contribute to their overall development.
  • Your submission may involve a personal journey or project (e.g., writing a novel, or learning a new skill), and serve as a documented record of your progress, which can be motivating and insightful.
  • Your submission can educate and inform others, contributing positively to the online discourse. You can help people learn, solve problems, or see things from a different perspective.

Here’s what we publish:

  • Detailed how-to articles on writing for the class
  • Evocative pieces that reflect DWP experiences, especially during your Summer Institute or other TC events
  • Process pieces that support our mission and show us how we can all grow as writers
  • Stories from the classroom, the teachers’ room, and the playground that illustrate the power of writing to bring people together
  • Pieces written from personal expertise. That’s the core of producing a trustworthy article

When selecting articles, we ask ourselves:

  • Does this help our readers improve their own craft? Either as teacher or as writer?
  • Is the content relevant and connected to our suggested topics?
  • Does this promote writing in the classroom?
  • Does this promote our belief in the importance of Teachers as Writers?
  • Does it sparkle? Will it engage our readers?

To Submit to the DWP Blog, complete this form. If we are interested, our editors will reach out for a copy of your piece. What happens after you submit your piece? Within a fortnight, we’ll swing into action, and one of these outcomes will unfold:

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Your article could very well be accepted into our exclusive publication and queued up for publishing. If it’s not an instant premiere, we’ll drop you a private note with the exact date and time when the spotlight will be on your work.

Not Our Cup of Tea: Occasionally, our discerning tastes may lead us down a different path. If your article doesn’t make the cut, our editors will send you a polite rejection notice. But don’t fret; it’s not the end of the road! You’re free to take your show on the road to other publications. 

Curtain Call, Almost: In some cases, we might think your article is a gem, but it needs just a sprinkle of stardust before it’s ready for publication. Our editors will send a note asking for a little touch-up – be it a clarification, a link, or some other secret ingredient. We’ll give you time to work your magic. 

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