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DrewTEACH Mentor Program:

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The first years of teaching are full of emotion–the excitement, the anxiety, the joy of finally making it to the holiday break. With all of those feelings in mind, DrewTEACH has created a mentorship program between our second semester student-teachers and our seasoned veterans. We know that supported educators are happier, stronger, educators who continue to flourish in their classrooms.

Through these partnerships early-career educators receive support and guidance from experienced educators who have “been there”. Our alumni mentors help their mentees to navigate student-teaching, the job process, and those first, challenging, years. An added benefit to having a connection with an educator who is not in a new teacher’s school, mentors are able to listen and advise objectively.

We appreciate and value all of our educators’ time and these partnerships do not create undue burdens on to already hectic schedules.  Instead, our current educators act as sage and honest sounding boards for our new teachers.  These relationship are carried out via social media, email, text, phone calls, and  even face-to-face coffees or gatherings.  A few times a semester we invite our mentors to campus to connect with students in real-life.  Our events are casual; filled with pizza, conversation, laughter, and full-teacher hearts.

As always, we are inspired by the spirit of both our students and alumni. In our first year, we had an overwhelmingly positive response from our alumni. Every student who requested a mentor was able to be matched.

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