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#DrewTEACH brings together teachers who are interested in collaboration and connection. In an effort to improve instruction and inspiration in K-12 schools, #DrewTEACH’s network of teachers attend professional development sessions, connect via social media (and socially!), and share their best practices in teaching.

Our members are open-minded, challenge accepting-collaborators and life-long learners.

Graphic created by Kate Baker during the February 3rd, 2018 Developing Digital Literacies Conference keynote, “Create to Learn” by Renee Hobbs

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Drew Writing Project / Digital Literacies Collaborative

“The DWP, founded in 2018, is a site of the National Writing Project and has more than 100 trained Teacher Consultants in its network. The DWP provides professional development through school partnerships to approximately 200 teachers per year.” – Drew University

If you’re interested in becoming a Drew Writing Project and Digital Literacies Collaborative member, please email DrewTEACH@drew.edu for more information.

DrewTEACH is a partner with the National Writing Project.

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